A - Foundations & Basic Commitments

Section A contains policies on the District’s legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying School Board governance and certain non-discrimination policies.

Download this file (AC-Non-Discrimination_Policy.pdf)AC-Non-Discrimination_Policy.pdf[ ]6 kB2015-06-08 17:24
Download this file (ACD-Commitment to Religious Neutrality.pdf)ACD-Commitment to Religious Neutrality.pdf[ ]65 kB2015-03-17 16:34
Download this file (ACE-Non Descrin Handicap-Disability.pdf)ACE-Non Descrin Handicap-Disability.pdf[ ]24 kB2015-03-17 16:34
Download this file (ADB - Drug-Free Workplace Drug-Free Schools.pdf)ADB - Drug-Free Workplace Drug-Free Schools.pdf[ ]12 kB2016-04-15 13:04
Download this file (ADC-Tobacco Products Ban.pdf)ADC-Tobacco Products Ban.pdf[ ]52 kB2015-03-17 16:34

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