C - General School Administration

Section C contains policies on school management, administrative organization, and school building administration. Section C also includes personnel policies on the Superintendent and School Principals.

Download this file (CA - Administration Goals.pdf)CA - Administration Goals.pdf[ ]9 kB2016-09-13 16:53
Download this file (CB - Superintendent of Schools.pdf)CB - Superintendent of Schools.pdf[ ]21 kB2016-11-14 16:05
Download this file (CBB - Appointment of Superintendent.pdf)CBB - Appointment of Superintendent.pdf[ ]5 kB2016-11-14 16:05
Download this file (CBG - Superintendent's Professional Development Opportunities.pdf)CBG - Superintendent's Professional Development Opportunities.pdf[ ]56 kB2016-11-14 16:05
Download this file (CF-School Building Administration.pdf)CF-School Building Administration.pdf[ ]6 kB2015-03-19 11:04
Download this file (CFB - Building Principal(s) Evaluation.pdf)CFB - Building Principal(s) Evaluation.pdf[ ]72 kB2016-09-13 16:58
Download this file (CHCA-Approval_of_Handbooks_and_Directives.pdf)CHCA-Approval_of_Handbooks_and_Directives.pdf[ ]4 kB2015-07-22 15:21
Download this file (CL-Records.pdf)CL-Records.pdf[ ]47 kB2015-03-19 11:05

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